One of the last features that needs to be added to our Tiger are the spare track link brackets (and links) mounted on the lower hull.  Not only was this a common addition or modification often made in the field or at the factory but it serves to cover a very large portion of the lower hull that is essentially barren.  We need to fix that.    The first problem we encountered was that we were out of spare track links. 

     Tom came up with the great idea of casting  the necessary number of spares needed to finish this feature.  We had found an old track link that did not come with the tank as it was made from resin and was the wrong color.  Since we had no intention of selling or distributing our copies we decided to move forward by making a two part silicone rubber mold of this particular resin track link.  We were only concerned with details on the "front" of the track link so any imperfections or omissions in casting were not a big deal.  Once the rubber mold had cured, Tom separated the two halves and cut a pour hole and air vent in one of the rubber mold halves.  Tom  then used a clear, two part plastic resin to cast each of the individual  links.  Although far from perfect, the finished castings will look great mounted on the lower hull and were immediately primered and given a rust treatment before final installation.

Military Modeling in 1/6 Scale

spare Track links

     While we wait for the resin needed for the track links, we started on the track link brackets.  We opted for a single bracket or bar that is mounted below the two towing stanchions.  We used some 1/4 inch aluminum to do the job.