Military Modeling in 1/6 Scale


This amazing picture of a one quarter scale early production tiger on the Eastern Front was taken by Lee Sellars (UK).  This  tank is truly impressive and we wanted to be sure that Lee receives credit for a job well done.  It should be noted that from time to time we have used pictures of afv's from the internet on this website.    If you see a picture that belongs to you and you do not want to see it on our website please let us know and accept our apologies.

What we do

     We have always enjoyed military modeling and over the years it has become evident that the greater the challenge, the greater the reward.  From time to time we are approached by owners of one sixth scale armor who need help in building their dream kit or in some cases, rebuilding a tired or second hand eye sore.  We have also obtained several older kits through yard and estate sales in varying levels of disrepair.  We are not a business and do not sell parts or services but simply share a mutual appreciation for scale modeling.    We try to take advantage of some of the tank kits and aftermarket parts available which gives us the chance to dramatically improve the AFV project and bring history to life.  This process can be very time consuming, sometimes frustrating and may take months to complete but the finished project is often worth it.

     Feel free to check out our progress and see for yourself if you agree.


Project Armor in Progress