Military Modeling in 1/6 Scale

     * Several images were copied from a Trumpeter and Heng Long build.  If the owner(s) of these  images does not want us to use them, we encourage them to please contact us as soon as possible and we will gladly remove them.  It should be noted that the Heng Long kit featured a number of inaccuracies and was marginally useful as a reference source.  However, the Trumpeter kit gave us a good starting point and inspired us to move forward.

     Trumpeter is known for providing extremely accurate, highly detailed AFVs in 1/16 scale.  Our research took us online to several AFV modeling communities and one project build in particular. *    We will begin by constructing the engine compartment around both hatches and the rear firewall.  Since the dimensions of our hatch doors are fixed, we will add photo etched brass louvers, framing and two electric exhaust fans.  These will be operational and may not be completely to scale.  We are still working on how to do this.  We cant forget that we are going to be using a smoke generator which must be plumbed in, or around the engine.

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     When the decision was made to begin this project, we decided that we would pull out all the stops and provide as much detail and authenticity as possible.  This decision creates some unique challenges however.  The Flakpanzer and late model Panzer IV for that matter utilized a Maybach HL 120 motor located in the rear center of the tank.  The radiator(s) is located on the left while the air intake manifold is located on the right.  Two electric fans were attached to the underside of the right rear engine hatch.  One of our immediate problems is finding a Maybach HL 120 motor in 1/6 scale at a reasonable price.  The next challenge is finding accurate information on what the late production model PZ IV engine compartment looked like.  For example, the Ausf J version featured a redesigned air intake and some previous revisions to engine hatch mounts.  We will start with constructing the engine compartment and see where this takes us.

Engine Compartment