This German tank used its low profile and high maneuverability to become an effective panzerjager or "tank hunter".  The Hetzer was an ambush killer originally manufactured at the Skoda Works in Czechoslovakia and is one of our favorite afv designs.    This tank kit was originally produced by Spearhead and is definitely one of our favorites.  It features a rolled steel chassis, high torque motors, highly detailed upper hull and digital smoke, and sound effects.

Military Modeling in 1/6 Scale

      The resin hull features casting dimples and weld detail already embedded into the hull's surface.  The barrel is turned aluminum and can be fitted for recoil although this feature is not included in the kit.  The running gear is also premounted and the appropriate gear meshed is calibrated at the factory.  This saves the builder considerable time and effort. The upper hull features working hatches and engine grill and easy removal for access to the engine compartment.

      The kit was originally developed by David Dibb (Armorpax) and Peter Mealing in an effort to provide the buyer with a turn key tank kit with a preassembled chassis, highly detailed resin/fiberglass hull and scale sound and smoke effects at a more affordable price.  The motors are premounted as well as the cast metal track links.  This is a very rare kit whereby only 30-40 were ever produced.  The kit comes complete with photo etched brass surface features, mudguards, side skirts, white metal tools and accessories and a detailed resin cast driver.  The kit does not include paint, adhesives etc.