Military Modeling in 1/6 Scale

     Pictured below is a side by side comparison of what a completed FOA Panzer IV kit looks like compared to our version.  This shows some of the potential that these affordable AFV kits have and what is possible.  

The Tiger Ausf E jan/feb 1944

     The Tiger Ausf E was in pretty rough shape before we began our restoration.  We essentially performed a complete makeover covering almost every feature of this famous afv from the WWII era.  The original kit was made from PVC and although it was easy to work with, it posed many challenges in terms of accuracy and fitment.  Not only was every surface detail and/or feature replaced but the interior hull was reinforced with aluminum stock and the turret was essentially rebuilt altogether.  The completed tank has often been mistaken for an Armortek tiger whereby from the rear the two tanks are indistinguishable. We hope that the pictures speak for themselves.

The konigstiger Ausf B

     Our Konigstiger or King Tiger tank project began as a turnkey radio control vehicle manufactured by Verio Tanks (Hong Kong).  While many of the basic dimensions of the tank were accurate, most of the surface details, electronics, exhaust, rear hull and turret features were not up to our standards for accuracy.  Our project took on the goal of a complete refit and we think the end results are pretty impressive.  


     The Sd. Kfz 161 Panzer IV Ausf J originated from an old Field of Armor kit and dramatically upgraded to what you see here.  The tank has been structurally reinforced with many, if not most of the surface features having been replaced altogether with museum quality accessories.  The original tank was also converted to the Ausf J version slated for deployment to the Deutsche Afrika Korps (DAK) in Tunesia. The difference between the original FOA kit and our completed tank is striking.

Armor gallery

     We thought that it would be a good idea to feature some of the projects that have been built in recent years.  The idea for this page was actually inspired by a friend of ours living outside of the US who had just finished a SdKfz 250 Neu halftrack purchased  last year.