Military Modeling in 1/6 Scale

We bring history to life

     For the last thirty years, we have been avid military modelers specializing in one sixth scale armored vehicles from the World War II era.  Our desire is to recreate some of the vehicles that took place in this historical engagement out of respect for the technological innovation at the time.  We hold a deep respect and appreciation for those veterans of this war.  Our goal is to bring a piece of military history to life in an effort to preserve our deepest admiration for the technology and for  those brave individuals who operated them.

     Panzerwaffen consists of a small handful of dedicated modelers (actually two, sometimes three of us!) who enjoy building and painting armored vehicles.  We are not a business nor do we provide parts or services to the public except on the rare occasion that a fellow modeler asks for help.  It should be noted that under no circumstances do we support or condone the tragic and violent consequences of war nor do we support or condone communism, Nazism or other non democratic ideologies.

     Our site is a work in progress and will hopefully continue to expand as we tackle each new project.  Thank you for your interest!